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We are people who love to build brick with a unique touch. 


Nowadays, everyone is on their mobile phones day and night. Most text and play games with their devices. Because of this technology, we don't talk and play game with our hand and mind anymore. 


Therefore, we want to create a project for everyone to build with their own hands, play together, and will "Talk" while they play. 

We love the "hands-on" experience of building from nothing, and step-by-step achieving a finished piece. We can put our phones away for a while and enjoy this low-tech brick puzzle together.  This is the idea for this project. 


We know its hard to get excited from a standard picture, so we customised it. We will turn your picture into a brick mosaic puzzle. Now you can build your favourite picture into a brick mosaic and hang it on the wall when done. 


WE want to share this handy-work craftsmanship with all our friends around the world. Therefore, we turned this brick mosaic into a project. Everyone can enjoy the process. This is BRICK-A-PROJECT. 


Send us picture and we will turn your picture into DIY brick mosaic puzzle boxset

Pre-Design Boxset 

Looking gift in Hurry??

Beside Custom made boxset, we have pre-design boxsets are ready to ship 


We can customize a workshop for your theme or event. Min. 10 people

Please contact us for more details. 

Custome Design Boxset 

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