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If you still can't the answer from the below FAQ, pls feel free to write to us @

We will get back to you within 24 hours. 


What happens after I send you a picture? 


A: After you send us the picture, we will turn your pic into 3 brick drafts. You will pick the one you want and paypal us. After we receive the payment, we will send you the project boxset within 2 weeks. 


I have many pictures I want to turn into a project. What should I do??


A: Send us 3 of your favour pictures. We will send you back 1 draft of each picture and you can decide by that time. 


Which size I should do for my project?? 


A: Depends on the finish size you want. Just remember the bigger size you choose, the more detail will show in the project. 


How long until I receive the project? 


A: After you send the picture to us, we will send you the draft within 2 days. After you confirm the draft, we will get the project ready within 2 weeks. The sooner you confirm the draft, the sooner you will receive the project. 


I want to send this project as a gift, can you send it as a finished piece? 


A: Yes, we can build it for you with extra charge, depending on the size of your project.

Here is the reference price, 


For size S, we charge $ 1000 per project

For size M, we charge $ 1650 per project 

For size L, we charge $ 3400 per project 

40cm x 80 cm, we charge $1800 per project 

80x 120cm, we charge $5000 per project 


For special size,  we can talk about it in the email. 


Are you using lego??


A: No. We are not using Lego for the brick. We are using a high quality brick piece which can be assembled with Lego. 


What will I receive in the boxset? 


A: In the box, you will receive 3 items, 

1) The A3 size coloured brick print 

2) All the brick pieces you need to build  

3) The base plates


How to build this brick mosaic project? 


A: All the brick is 1x1. Just follow the A3 printed colour guide and pick the right color brick to bulid it row by row on the base plate. After a few hours, or few day, your own brick project will be ready to show off on your wall. 


There is a missing piece in the boxset !!! 


A: If you missing piece in the boxset. Please write to us. We will send you the missing piece by post. We will pay for the delivery cost. 

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